About Me

Why Sports?

I become a photographer to create exciting, emotionally engaging photographs of sports and the athletes that participate in them.

I choose to pursue sports and athletic photographer for several reasons.  First, no single event can bring out so many emotions in its participants - joy, hope, despair, disappointment, pain - there is so much content to capture. 

Second, most people fail to see the most interesting things in sports because they happen in a split second.  Only technically astute photographers with the proper equipment and knowledge can 'stop time' to allow one to examine the beauty and intricacies of athletes and their craft. 

Third, sports photography is a complicated blend of artistic vision and technical expertise.  During live event coverage, there is always compromises and no second chances.  It provides infinite challenges to pursue that ever elusive perfect photograph.

And finally, I chose sports because I am an athlete myself.  A basketball and baseball player in my youth, I now am a competitive distance runner completing several marathons.

Why choose me?

I engage my clients and bring out the best in them.  I live for that moment when my clients review their images and say, "Wow, I can't believe that's me!"  I craft specific solutions to exceed my clients expectations whether that be in the studio or on the field of play.  I have invested in the best technology to create the best imagery.


Brian has achieved countless hours of formal photography training, and over ten years experience shooting live events, on location shoots, and studio work.  Brian also has has degrees in Engineering and Business.  He currently is a semi-retired project manager and logistic consultant as he raises his youngest son at home.  Brian resides in the western suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two children. 

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