Booking Policy Changes

Effective Date:  October  1st, 2020


A $25, 100%* Booking Reservation Fee will be charged to any model (TFP or otherwise) wishing to schedule a photography session. 


Fee is 100% refundable to model if either they (1) arrive at designated photoshoot as agreed upon or (2) cancel their reservation five [5] calendar days before their scheduled photoshoot day.


Due to a recent uptick in modeling talent choosing not to fulfill their obligation, a modest fee will be charged upfront in an effort to incentivize good behavior and insure only those with true interest are scheduling shoots.

When modeling talent chooses to cancel without ample notice, that causes a direct financial loss to the photographer while there is no direct loss to the talent.  This imbalance is is not in the spirit of TFP arrangements.

Thank you,


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