Photoshoot Prep - Day Before

Although photoshoot day can be frantic, there are a few things you can do the night before to keep your head straight when you wake up and perform your modeling duties.

1. Plan Your Time Wisely 

It’s essential to have a game plan to ensure a time efficient shoot. Layout and/or pack all the things you need the night before to ensure you aren’t rushed. Always plan to include extra time in your schedule to accommodate for any unplanned circumstances.

2. The Little Things

Make sure to do those little things the morning of your session like showering, moisturize you skin, washing your face, touching up your roots, and shaving arms, legs, and intimate areas.

3. Pre-Hydrate

Drink plenty of water the night before a shoot to hydrate your skin and feel your best the morning of the shoot.  Hydrated skin is happy skin.

4. Bring the Basics

No matter the shoot’s concept, it’s always smart to bring neutral colored, low profile undergarments; whether to avoid panty lines or distracting colors pops and undesired focus. A poor choice in undergarments could make or break the quality of a shoot.  Check your outfits for tags and cut them off.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is crucial to rid your face of swelling, redness, and bags under your eyes. Make sure to avoid alcohol and get at least eight hours of sleep before a shoot to look your best.

6. Get comfortable

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing on your way to the shoot. Tight clothes, including undergarments and even socks, can leave unwanted marks on your skin. Watch bands, hair ties on the wrist, and tight waisted bottoms are also common culprits.

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